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3DO crashed and now it hangs on 80% every time I try to launch it

If this happens it means that the Photoshop preferences most likely are corrupt. To remedy this, a full reinstall of Photoshop is the best solution as corrupt preferences can cause all sorts of strange behaviors. 


Tags: 3DO, Photoshop, Crash, 80%, Hang, Launch, Reinstall, Corrupt, Preference

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    Taylor Garratt

    Hi, I'm having this issue every time I click on the 3DO button (even after reinstalling Photoshop/Quixel and choosing to delete/uninstall preferences); Same symptoms- All of the other Quixel tools/tabs load super fast until reaching and loading 80%, then the Quixel tool selection panel goes white and crashes Windows10.

    I am using Win10/Parallels on a fairly high-powered iMac and have allocated the highest amounts of memory (8GB to CPU & Memory, DirectX 10, 2GB to Graphics) but still no luck. I've tried reinstalling Photoshop (clean) and Quixel but no love there either.

    Any tips or tricks to make this work? I'd love to use this but Kind of running into hurdles at every step since the moment I realized it wasn't Mac compatible.

    **Update: Quixel support reached out to me really quickly after I emailed their support asking about this (Thank you!) - They let me know that the 3DO feature simply won't currently work in the Parallels/windows environment. 

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    Eric Remus

    Even reinstallin photoshop isnt working for me. Has Quixel decided not to support this app anymore? Im pretty upset that Substance is improving and in seriously considering switching. I love this app but the Teams abandonment is discouraging. Can anyone help?

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