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How do I avoid painting through thin geometry?

To avoid painting through thin geometry use the "Proximity Slider". its located in the UI of 3DO while in painting mode (The UI is toggled by pressing "Space bar").

The "Proximity Slider" looks like this:


Tags:DDO Painter, Paint through, Geometry, Thin, Proximity slider, Backface

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    Dion Burgoyne

    No matter what I set the proximity slider to, it still paints through my geometry when "paint through thin geometry" is turned off, is there a trick?

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    Paulius Setkus

    It's seems that I'am having the same problem. While trying to paint dynamask in 3DO it paints through thin surface no matter if i turned off the option or reduce proximity slider all the way down...

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    Andreas Resch

    Hey. I have the same issue. But only if "Normal Aligned Painting" is OFF. When it's on, painting doesn't affect backfaces.

    Is there a solution for this?

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