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Error: "Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution"

This issue occurs when a TV is used as a monitor. This bug is being worked on but until it's solved there is a workaround:

-Close the Suite
-Right click on your desktop
-Open the Windows resolution settings for your PC
-Set your resolution down a notch or two
-Reopen the Suite
-Open 3DO
-Change the resolution setting back to its original value


Tags: SUITE, Error, Requested Monitor Resolution, TV, Workaround

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    Sophie D.

    I have the same issue on my machine and this error does make it really hard to even use Quixel with 3DO. I use the current version and hope you will fix this soon because now I have to invest more time to texture my assets.

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    Ive got the same problem, but I use a monitor not a TV. so please give the maximum resolution to use to be able to do it

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