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SUITE crash: "Error importing file: FBX-Tokenize (offset 0x34)"

Some FBX exports newer than FBX 2013 crash when imported. This can be fixed by either using a different format (OBJ etc.) or using FBX 2013 as the export format from the modelling software


Tags: SUITE, Crash, Error, Importing, File, FBX Tokenize, Offset 0x34, OBJ, Format, Export

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    Dmitrii Vitkin

    Here is the solution. I'm using version of Quixel 2.1.4 (the newest one, updated just couple of hours ago).
    So I'm use Maya and exports file with FBX format. The problem been solved when I changed FBX version from 2016 to 2014/2015 (older). This is it!

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