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Can my licence be used on multiple machines

A single license can be used only on one machine at a time. Licenses can however be activated/deactivated to run on another machine when needed.

There are three ways transfer a license between machines.

1. Deactivate the license on the machine its currently activated on. It's as simple as going to File>Licensing>Deactivate. This license becomes free to activate on any other machine. If it has already been activated on the other machine in the past, you wont have to enter the email address again either.

2. You receive an email if you are activating on a new/different machine but haven't deactivated your licensed machine. You can simply click the Deactivate button in that email which takes you to a page where you confirm. This license is now available for reactivation on any machine. If you have more than one activated machine, the email you receive lists all active machines. You can simply click the deactivate button for the machine you intend to transfer the license from.

3. Go to Licensing Dashboard and with one click deactivate one or more of your machines. The licenses tied to these machines are now ready for reuse.

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    good to know I am building a new PC in the new few weeks and will need to transfer it to new computer..alot of other programs make this much more difficult..

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